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ClearLice Review | Does ClearLice Shampoo Work?

What you read here may just shock you. When I found out that ClearLice products work in one day I had to write my own ClearLice review.

I know what it is like to find that first lice in your child’s hair and the awful thought of, “Here we go again. Another week long ordeal of shampooing, conditioning and using the lice comb.” With ClearLice those days are gone.The most shocking thing I learned about ClearLice shampoo is that it works in one day. One day! One application! Hallelujah!

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The reason it took us a week or longer to get rid of lice is because even if the drug store lice shampoo we used killed the lice the eggs were not killed and would hatch in a few days. With four children with possible head lice everything else got shoved to the back burner because we didn’t want the lice to infest their beds and the rest of the house. Get rid of the lice was a huge priority. With ClearLice products we can shampoo, condition and comb the kids hair once and know that job is done. Then we can use the other ClearLice products like the laundry additive and household spray to kill any lice that might be hiding in the beds, carpet or clothing. Knowing that we can get rid of all the lice in one fatal swoop is a big relief.

Another big plus about using ClearLice treatment is that it is pesticide and chemical free. I remember using the over the counter and even the prescription lice treatment products that they burned our kids scalps and had very strong awful chemical odor. My kids hated the whole week long process because it hurt and they knew it. For me as a father being able to use a lice treatment that is chemical free and doesn’t hurt my children is a blessing.

Not only does ClearLice nit and lice shampoo and conditioner not burn my children’s heads it soothes the itchy scalp and heals the bites. I don’t know how many times I use to have to say, “Stop scratching!” The itching would drive my poor kids crazy. I really like that the ClearLice products treat the whole problem and comes as a kit so I don’t have to run around town picking up a bunch of different lice treatments and products that will hopefully get rid of the lice. Not every family is the same so ClearLice has three different kits to choose from starting at $69.

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Having to deal with lice problems over the years it is comforting knowing that now that I can buy a kit that has everything my family needs to kill lice and nits and free my home from them in one day. They can even ship overnight so you can immediately stop the possible infestation. And if it doesn’t and you are not 100% satisfied with the results you get your money back. ClearLice has a 60-day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. I know there is an urge to run down to the store and buy something to start treating the problem. But if you do, you might be just throwing your money away on a product that won’t work and putting your kids through unneeded chemical shampoos and conditioners.

In my house we decided why wait for the problem to show up. We know it happens every school year. One of our children is going to bring it home. Why not have the lice treatment already ordered and in our medicine cabinet ready to use. It is comforting knowing it is right there to grab the instant we see any lice. One thing you need to know is ClearLice is not available in stores. So, if you are wondering where to buy ClearLice the best deal and lowest price on the ClearLice website.

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I sincerely hope my ClearLice review has helped you. My recommendation is to keep some ClearLice products on hand and to get them from their own website so you get fast delivery and the lowest price. You maybe able to buy ClearLice on Amazon but I don’t know that they offer the 60-day money back guarantee.  Do yourself and your children or grandchildren a favor and have some ClearLice in your medicine cabinet. You’ll be glad you have it. If you need some right a way use the link below to get the best price and fastest delivery.

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