ClearLice Shampoo

Does ClearLice Shampoo Really Work?

If you have head lice you want a product that really works. Does ClearLice shampoo work? Is ClearLice safe? Will ClearLice shampoo burn your children’s scalp? These are all very important questions. That is the reason I wrote this ClearLice Shampoo review.

It seems manufacturers see on opportunity to make money and they rush products to the market to make money without much regard to their customer’s health. That is not the case with ClearLice. The thing that impressed me right off the bat is that all ClearLice products including their shampoo and conditioner use all natural products. You can be confident that they are safe to use on your children.

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ClearLice shampoo is pesticide free, has no harsh irritating chemicals, is pH balanced and is tested and manufactured in a FDA certified lab by a family owned business here in the United States. Because it is made using natural ingredients the ClearLice shampoo and conditioner sooth the itching and helps the healing of lice bites with just one application.

If you are like me you may have already tried several other head lice shampoos and treatments with little or no success and with a lot of burning and crying children. Don’t lose faith. With ClearLice you can trust that it will kill the head lice and nits in one day even when other products have failed you.

In addition to killing head lice ClearLice also stops nits from hatching. Because ClearLice stops nits from hatching you don’t have to worry about another head lice break out in a few days. That was one of the most frustrating things I experienced with other lice shampoos. We shampooed, conditioned and combed and thought we had gotten rid of the lice because it looked like we had killed them all. What we didn’t realize is the nits were still alive. A few days later they hatched and we had head lice problems and we had to start the shampooing, conditioning, combing process all over again. ClearLice shampoo stops this from happening by killing both the head lice and nits, in one day.

If you have a head lice problem right now and are reading my review I would encourage you to stop reading and order the kit that best suites you family’s needs today. You can have the kit delivered over night and be done with the problem quickly.

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